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It’s December and people are getting their candles, warm socks and mulling spices out in pursuit of that nebulous sense of HYGGE. But here are 3 Danish words that you need to learn and adopt in your workplace, if you truly want to achieve that Scandinavian work-life-balance and sense of happiness.

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For a long time community-building in the workplace has been seen as a “nice to have”, often no more than an annual Christmas Party or maybe a Friday Bar if the newest recruits felt up for organizing it. But such a laissez-faire approach to community-building overlooks the massive changes that are happening today in terms of workplace culture and new corporate pressures, allowing those companies that do it well to stay ahead of the curve.

Reason 1: Your current and future employees all want it.

From conventional wisdom to contemporary science.

5 challenges for the next major workspace innovation.

Impact Hub Westminster, shortly after opening in 2011

Tim Ahrensbach

Creating awesome, playful workspaces with the LEGO Group that help people be and do their best at work. @infostructure00 alumni

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